Montag, September 14, 2009

Longterm Traveler Part II - A Definition

First of all I have to admit that not all longterm travelers are the same. I am one of those and I am sure that I handle this time in a different way than some people I met.

Nevertheless it is interesting that I crashed into several people all over asia having a similar few on their traveling. Among those are a lot trying to stay as long as possible in one country and live as simple as possible because they think this is the only way to experience how life goes for all the poor Asian people.

This typicial longterm traveler can be described as following:

The longterm traveler is usaually a shy individual. Although he describes itself as adventourous and openen minded he takes fright to go out into big cities, crowded places or developed areas. Thats why you have to go deep into the nature to find him. You can spot him at lonely beaches, in the jungle, on mountains or far from the roads in the fields. Usually he prefers places which show only a minimum of civilization except of electricity which he needs to tell all his friends over the internet about the secret, down-to-earth and simple places he discovered.
The Longterm Traveler is very careful to not be discovered so he dresses to make himself nearly invisible while being in the nature. He likes his hair felted and wild like the crowns of the big jungle trees thats why the dreadlock style is quite a famous hairstyle. The clothes are usually organic so in an emergency they can be burned quickly or just buried without doing harm to the environment. The colours are the colours of the earth and if not the Longterm travaler adopted several ways to get dirty and make the clothes look like they are naturally brown.
To do meditation, spiritual dancing and find the flow of life (which us unfortunatly near to zero in many places) he needs a lot of silence and concentration. So the Longterm Traveler stays out of the way of travelers who are only on holiday for one till four weeks. He calls them "tourists" often followed by a disgusting sound to prove that he dislikes their company and especially their way of traveling. He blames it to those ordinary tourists that the beaches are not lonely anymore, that the prices are higher and that the civilization gains ground.
This is also the point at which the open minded Longterm travler closes his mind because he has no comprehension for those tourists. Arguments that he is living a spoiled life being able to travel for months, to have the money, the time and the personal possibilities to do so will not be heard. During the evolution of the Longterm Travler he defined his own understanding of "open minded" which is very strict and consist of an explicit definition of a real Longterm Traveler, the way he understands and doesn't understand other ways of traveling.
Last but no least a warning to all who are lucky to find a Longterm Traveler in his natural environment. It is highly recommended to spend only a short time studying his behavior. The Longterm traveler is known to react irritated when he is confronted with views and opinions too different to his own. Don't talk too much about civilization or plans to stay in touristic and crowded areas because he will be confused, struggling to understand why anyone can do so much harm to himself voluntarily. And never try to force him to go into big cities with you. There is no living evidence known if it is possible to take a Longterm Traveler out of his happy world and integrate him to a social, civilized life.


pulsiv hat gesagt…

some longterm travelers started as tourists... some will always be.

I can't afford either...

Helly hat gesagt…

English post - english comment =)
It's really a interessting way to think about long-time travellers!

my first thought was *haha funny* =)

I like your mix of sarcasm and irony :P (because for me it reads so)

Anonym hat gesagt…

We need more Photos!

Nuxcassa hat gesagt…

What an amazing creature! But I am not really sure if I would like to meet one in its natural habitat. I have heard that some people were talked into complete boredom...