Samstag, April 10, 2010

El Cafecito

They are not talking. In silence they are sitting next to each other, close. But their faces show an expression far away, far far away from each other. She is staring empty holes in the air. She looks upset. No, she looks angry. She looks like she wants to cut the air, putting deep black holes in it.

They just look up short to order food. He leaves to go to the restroom. Leaving her behind on the empty table, far away from all the people surrounding her. Her face is stonelike.

I don't see when he returns but I see that she is crying. Silently her eyes look like big pots of water trying to hold the liquid back. He puts his hand around her waist.
Her phone is moving slowly over the table, the display is shining, it is ringing. He tries to take it away from her but she takes it to answer the call.

His hand is still around her waist but she is stiff as if his touch is icecold or as if she is not feeling anything. The waitress is coming over with the food. She takes it for herself - the drink and the nachos. She is not sharing with him.
The phone rings again and when he sees who's calling he shakes his head, turning away annoyed. She grabs the phone in silence and keeps it in her bag.
Slowly she starts to eat. Every bit looks like shes forcing herself to do something disgusting. Her bites are tiny and slow.

He is talking to her. Like water the words are floating out of his mouth. He can't stop. He keeps going, he looks like he is talking to save his life.
Her answers are short, little gunshots they hit him. Time is passing by, every minute painfull and slowly.
He gets up, paying for the food he didn't even touch.

They are leaving. Leaving behind a full plate of food and an empty cocktail glass.
Leaving behind the cold smoky air of something that just broke into thousand pieces!

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