Dienstag, Januar 10, 2012


Solche Dinge sind es, die mich gut in den Tag starten lassen. Sweeeeeet!!! Thx to travellers I met while travelling!

Me: "I am thinking about coming to San Fransisco around easter."

Munk: "Watcha coming to Cali for?"

Me: "Just have so many holidays left and thought I should spent them with friends I travelled with in Bolivia."

Munk: "Did u read that Time magazin rated Oakland, where I live, the #5 place to visit in 2012? It would be awesome if you come n visited.... and...considering what happened on the train a week or two ago, I think you should..."

Me: "What happened on the train. Tell me!"

Munk: "I saw your exact twin. Sooo much so that I said hi to make sure it wasn't you and u just didn't recognize me."

Me: "Hahahaha. Really? Awesome! U got her number?"

Munk: "Of course not. Once I said hi I realized it definitely wasn't you and she look creeped out."

Me: ":-) So funny. But love that it happens right when I think about visiting you. U should have told her u know somebody who looks like her."

Munk: "I love hit like this, makes me smile."


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